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The Language of Essence and Inference in Mental Health

(Natural Law-Legal Positivism-Cognitive Dissonance)
Joseph Richard Crant 
Canadian Psychological Association CPA

K-12 Teachers are experiencing more stress than ever before, and the problem isn’t expected to be going away anytime soon. In this article, I want to show how it is possible to re-stimulate damaged neural pathways using insights drawn from a newly developed cognitive model, and, to show anecdotal evidence from an ongoing longitudinal qualitative study that began in 2010.  The original study was started to seek support and to validate the hypothesis that; cognition is equal to an emotional response to absurd notions, thoughts, idea, etc., and that; where the individual (mind) achieves resolve, the physical brain would rest, and the body would enter relaxation phase or the; “relaxation response”[i], equal to post fight or flight, thus allowing toxins to freely flush  from the body through the urine as vital organs would become unstressed, and that resolve may be inherently human.  It is in the study of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease which shows us that Neural pathways in the brain can become damaged, and/or lay dormant, and it is in this research and study that we believe that we have discovered a novel approach to assist in the problem of K-12 Teacher stress and mental health, by re stimulating dormant neural pathways which inherently make it possible to exist within this modern day environment without succumbing to the adverse effects of stress

[i] The Relaxation Response: History, Physiological Basis and Clinical Usefulness Herbert Benson

First published: January/December 1982


by Janice Esther Tulk © 

Newfoundland stands to become the largest Mi’kmaq First Nation band in Canada.  Since 1949, Newfoundland, Mi’kmaq persons were not recognized as First Nations under the Indian Act, which means any person carrying the Mi’kmaq  bloodline, has no identifiable origin or cultural identity, in effect; a "non-person". The Mi’kmaq Indian status was undetermined by Canada and criticized. The federal Indian Act was never applied to Mi'kmaq , and their heritage and culture were suppressed. We were created as a landless people, and they look to geography not science (DNA) to determine who and who isn't Mi'kmaq? It's in our blood.

Body and Mind/Food for Thought

Uxbridge Public Library Uxbridge ON, Canada

Wednesday May 6, 2009: (Archived)

Join Deborah Kennedy, a Naturopathic Doctor and Richard Crant, a psychological researcher, to explore dealing with STRESS in our lives and how “popping a pill” isn’t always the way to go! Independent researcher and developer of Natural Sequential Experience, (NSE) Joseph R. Crant, will discuss his theories on natural well being and the positive effects of Educational Development Training. Deborah will present information on how the various stages of stress affects our bodies and the skills we can apply to help us cope now.

Mental Health is a matter of insightful information exchange...

Each of us as individual persons subconsciously present an overall essence of our true inner selves, and it is by inference of essence that we are often judged by others, and, as an individual that is strong, confident, and courageous, we can inspire and influence others to become more aware of their own essence, and just as we look to the "first responders" for protection, safety, and assurance, people look for that in the passion that defines and exudes empathy, compassion, and concern for the well-being of those we come into contact with.


The Academic Journey

In 2010, I discovered "Constructal Law", and became a fan of Adrian Bejan, a professor at Duke University whom recently became the 2018 Franklin Institute Award Laureate, this honor has been bestowed upon great scientists and philosophers such as Thomas Edison,, Albert Einstein, and Nicola Tesla among a great number of others recognized for their world changing contributions to science and to medicine.  It was an honor to have received back an email that I had sent to him, requesting he comment or perhaps add to my own work.  The man is an awesome, and extraordinary individual, and to think he would consider answering me back was a long-shot but it was worth the try.  We developed a friendship over the next couple of years and he offered a some advice from his own experience of going outside of his own field, and urged me to keep going.

"The kinds of phenomena that I predict with "Constructal Law, are supposed to be predicted/explained by Biologists, Physicists, Social Scientists...not by engineers.  We the creative, blown by the wind across their fence, will not be accepted easily.  Do not give up, just write.  I wish you success". Adrian Bejan.

In 2013, Adrian Bejan accepted my paper to be presented at Constructal Law 2013 International Conference, held in Nanjing China, regretfully I could not afford the time off work and could not attend.  A note to remember is that because of the "Official Invitation Letter", my research took off, and I could not be more appreciative of this man and the fact that he cared enough to answer back and average ordinary guy.  I have everything to thank Adrian Bejan for, because without him giving me that initial first boost of encouragement, things may have not moved so quickly as it has.

With the "Official Invitation Letter in hand, I was granted a meeting with Research Director Patrick Clifford at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket ON, to discuss my research in clinical trials.  We hit off right away and now there is an open contract with the Hospital to propose a trial when I am prepared and ready to commit.  By 2015 I had been accepted as "Special Affiliate Member of the Canadian Psychological Association CPA, and in that same year was invited to talk on the radio at Hamilton New Radio AM900 CHML, ON, Canada  In 2016, granted a meeting Canada's Mental Health Portfolio Lilianne Tremblay and Director of Wellness Programs Health Canada, Elizabeth Inyang. 

2017, I presented “Correlation of Depressive Mood Remission and Systemic Detoxification” at Canadian Mental Health Association CMHA National Conference in Toronto Canada, and it was the first time that I had presented in front of a room of professionals and practitioners in a field that I was not formally educated or trained in, but it felt like I was an accepted academic scholar and scientist, it was amazing.  Because of this conference organizer’s talented and expert skill at announcing the conference and making it visible online, my name almost made it to the top Google Search for “Joseph”, and that was reward enough for me and exciting to think that this research and Joseph Richard Crant could knock out Joseph Stalin.

In 2018, I presented “The Language of Essence and Inference in Mental Health” at Canada’s International Conference on Education CICE at University of Toronto, Canada, also in 2018, and after thirty-one years of involvement with this research and study, the day has arrived where I have opportunity to become recognized on the National and International level for this work and published by the International Journal of e-Healthcare Information Systems.  I am hopeful and trying to remain confident this work will one day be implemented into school curriculum in some manner as to be a help with the current problems in educating our youth and young adults entering University and college.

This research shows strong evidence that; “most individuals can realize the positive effects of this work in a short time, by intentionally trying to avoid the compulsion to brag and/or complain.” however, realizing the “flush”, is dependent on time spent objectively/subjectively conversing about life matters and common concerns in the relationships of average people.  Today, 2018, I have developed a method of facilitating the flush (systemic detoxification process), in some individuals in less that one month (30 days).

“A fact of mind/cognitive evolution, is that it brings with it, new paradigms, and more theory, new terms, and concise definitions of things common; not because of anything having to do with man the animal, but something profoundly absurd”. Crant (2013)

"The area of the mind has gotten philosophers and scientists into trouble, and the reason for this is that the materialistic view excludes the existence, or relevance of any non-material factors. For the consistent philosophical materialist, therefore, the mind must not have any existence that cannot be limited or defined in the brain". Albright (2011)