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Theory Shows Inherent Defense Mechanisms for Anxiety and Depression
Mental-emotional excitation stimulation by new theory perspective provides enhanced physical health  

Developed from over twenty-five years of qualitative research and study within the Health Sciences, and more, TIL presents us with the opportunity of a lifetime.  Where we can achieve resolve, our world-view and subsequent life takes on a radical and positive change, we experience enhanced emotional-physical health, and we begin truly living for the first time in our lives.  Multiple Theory Perspectives, exclusive within The Inherent Life Model provides a novel approach to life, and to living, and is effective.  Based on research that was accepted Sept.18/2017, and presented at the Toronto Hilton, during National Conference CMHA. The Inherent Life Model is raising the bar when it comes to alternative approaches for achieving complete health and wellness.


 People everywhere, and in all walks of life are experiencing indecision at an approximate rate of one every 0.3 milliseconds and roughly, times that by around 100 billion neurons firing in succession. Your life is all that you have to think about and you repeat this patterned and conditioned thinking  over and over.   After  twenty-five +years of multidisciplinary research, we have discovered a way to achieve resolve .  This "resolve"  or resting of the physical brain allows the body to relax, and it is this state, where we can see clearly as the mind or the "individual" is no longer perplexed, and  we are free to move forward in confidence and with courage. 


"I had experienced rancid urine, a loss of appetite, I ate when I felt I should and not when I wanted to, and I had a better sense of who and what I devoted my attention to. Ironically it steered my life in a totally new direction"... Jon Elder (PTSD)

"Responding to First Responders"

Helping those that are the first to arrive when someone is hurting

30 years diagnosed PTSD, 

"one's sense of mental health is restored-for me I noticed my sense of humor returning, my appetite returning, toxins leaving my body"...Nathan Albright (PTSD)

A Problem With Our Thinking

There exists a serious problem in the world today that has not been properly addressed, and it is that we have inherent knowledge and understanding, which our own social, and educational systems have caused our brains to become dependent upon legal positivism (the written word) and societal dictates ( the imagined life), to the point of creating and exacerbating stress.  The Inherent Life Model is the pathway to correct this effectively.  The Author Joseph Richard Crant's concern for his children's emotional well-being became a journey that has led him into the caverns of medical and scientific academia with the tenacity of a bloodhound. He researched, while assisting many people to establish true emotional motility, which he says, is the ability to move about with independence and spontaneity without adverse fear, suspicion or superstition. As a layman, he is average and ordinary, and being an ordinary person makes it easier to relate his ideas to other ordinary people. At the same time, his research has provided him with a developed ability to speak and write with the eloquence and grace of a seasoned scholar and philosopher. Surviving debilitating anxiety and depression for over forty years, and he beat the odds without medication or therapy. This qualifies him to write this book about his journey and his formula...
Drew Tapley 

On May 11, 2016, a meeting was granted to the author of the Inherent Life with Canada's Mental Health Management Portfolio, Lilianne Tremblay, and Elizabeth Inyang, Director of Wellness Programs, to discuss this research.


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Rise Up and Raise Your Head

Helping us to Help the Homeless to Help Themselves by gaining strength and courage,
Taking this research to the streets, the homeless and to the shelters so that the ones who have fallen down, may have an opportunity to recover, rise up, and raise their head and to live again.
A Renewed Sense of Hope
A Renewed Sense of Hope

"Difficult to dispute" Nataleigh Allen, Brock University, Psychology 

"Whatever the human condition be, you have brought it hope", Noreen Kassam, York University, Biology

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By helping us to complete our agenda, you will be helping many who have fallen down to realize "True emotional motility"

"True emotional motility" is the inherent ability to move about freely, and without fear, anxiety, suspicion and superstition.

Joseph Richard Crant is an independent investigative researcher and theorist, his discovery C=ea2 is a cognitive model set to change the way in which we view everything from mental health to political science, by offering/supplying Multiple perspective models from which anyone can find answers to complex human issues, and realize resolve or "resolution". 

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